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Ciao! mi stavo chiedendo se sapevi se esisteva un video dove Kimberly raccontava della proposta di matrimonio che le ha fatto Curt.

Hey there! I’m not quite sure!

Does anybody know of a video where Curt talks about his marriage proposal to Kimberly? :D


DRUNK HARRY POTTER: part 1- peeing


Curt [Mega] also mentioned that when he first tested for Glee, it was for the character that eventually became Sam, but he had to audition with Finn’s lines.

“Robert, the casting director, told us ‘Don’t try and copy Cory’s performance, you just won’t get it’. And when you read the script – it’s just words on a page and you realize how much he brought of himself to that character. His quirks, his vulnerability. I remember thinking at the time how he brought so much to that role.


- LeakyCon report on the Glee convention’s remembrances of Cory this past weekend. (via showthemwhat)

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 Wrong Direction - Bye, Bye, Bye

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Darren Criss & Curt Mega - Glee big Show (my screen)


Dianna playing Curts “Mother” @ Young Storytellers


Dianna Agron, Darren Criss, and Curt Mega at YSF event — 2/22/14


Darren Criss With Harry Shum ,Curt Mega, Dianna Agron for Glee Big Show